His objective would like to Helena to achieve half of the year with Customize fat loss info by Kyle Leon

Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss:Since the movement and training also expected more life energy, but also a healthy back, once or twice a month, her pain in the lumbar spine. From her neck again once a month headache.

Helena goes jogging regularly and after each jogging hurt her knee and wrist, but does not want to deny running.

Although it's been 10 months since birth, Helen still suffers incontinence, which may lead to malfunction of the body's core, bad breath and allowed the pelvic floor.

The current condition of Helena is as in Dana bad or good. She herself describes as active.

 As little did gymnastics, dance, swimming, running and adulthood tried and tested bodybuilding, fitness, aerobics, jogging, her favorite is thai-box. I would try yoga.

Helena has a lot of work around children, Kyle Leon Review so the energy feels best in the evening when everything dies down and the moment time for me.

 At this time it will also exercise. "We have to choose the optimal movement since its sleep quality with regard to children is an alternate, but definitely broken.

Evening in time therefore we choose rather exercises to calm and harmonize the body overall," said trainer

In theory, Helena healthy diet "melt" to 8, which is very good, with practice it is already slightly worse. Self-assessed number 5 and my eating habits considered unbalanced with Customize fat loss torrent by Kyle Leon

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