Do not get emotional blackmail

They tell you that they need, and not to manage their feelings, use your own.
Most people in the meantime their nearest to you depends on its good intentions. How to prevent emotional blackmail, while maintaining a good relationship with your loved ones?

Admit it, that is
"Emotional blackmail is very difficult to detect, especially since most often made close to us," says the psychologist.

Hit our deepest emotions, which can be more accurate and not their own, can not wait, because their loved ones who are the most vulnerable and defenseless.

Therefore, according to experts necessary emotional blackmail not only recognize, but openly admit that they are actually happening, and especially those who come.

The people closest to us are usually very reliable, trust them, we are willing to listen to their views.

Thus, for us to review your situation, and not just our challenge and, of course, not entirely rejected.

Know Thyself
Admitting that blackmails partner, parents or friends would be much easier if you know yourself well. This requires regular meetings with him that you know about who you are, where you are going in life and what to expect from each other

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